The Occupy Spell

...just for laughs or a spell too, maybe ...lol

The Occupy movement has recently been revived.  I have said that I too am a "99er", but I feel that some fellow ninety-niners are not helping in making the cause a more serious, real and credible one.  When one of the main gripes in these demonstrations involves the lack of decent, meaningful and well-paid jobs, I believe that a protester needs decent spelling skills first to get such a job.  Doncha (hahaa) think?

proffffiiiffffiiiii ....whadever!

Hi!...and what do you read? ... the consifusion? ...hahaha

...or a fief  fo'i ...ia poo "fifi" loa.  O Obama o le sifi (commander) ma le fifi ...lol!

kalofa e, ia polishians ...and "vipers" would have worked better and easier to spell than "diapers," ochay? magaia le sign ae sipelo le sipela

Ia ga le ua Okapppppi! ...chususuuuu!

... and in case "we" thought "we" are the only spell checkers, think again ... the picketers too!  LOL!

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