Sushi, Valentine and Cheating

There's this great sushi place not far from where we live. Once in a while (ok, more often than that) we would go to this place to eat if not to just certify the expression "variety is the spice of life" - literally. For me, personally, it's an ultimate dining indulgence - and a buffet does not even come close. Of course it's mostly just sushi they serve but there's a whole variety of the treat! I never used to like sushi especially because of its rice content. Yes, they say rice is not healthy, it's starchy and carby and therefore it easily piles on the pounds. But then I think about Shun Shi Miti, Chen Siama Ping and Hu Fung Slim and all their rice paddy field workers who are also big rice eaters in a remote Chinese village, and I'm confused and ...well, indignant. They defy the very myth that haunts me about alaisa. It reminds me of George Burns who huffs and puffs a cigar, as long as he's awake, and still lived to be a hundred. Ok, where's the sense in all this? Let me just say that sometimes it feels good, if not okay, to break some rules!  Lol.  I like to overindulge sometimes.

Enough digressing. So I called Dearie from work (she's still trying to recupe from her week-long bout with the cold and flu) to ask if she wanted to eat at Red Lobster or the sushi place. She said she did not care though sushi sounds appetizing. My band practice (for a post Valentine gig) was canceled and postponed and so we went a-sushiing! No it wasn't just dinner for her, she also got flowers/roses and a couple of gifts. (Happy Valentine!) ...and I got my sushi! Sometimes I think that most holidays are prejudiced and discriminatory. No details and no big deal. "Ish all gud," said one kamaloa, who also said "A fiafia mama, ua fiafia le oraga." (happy wife, happy life!). Ok, I buhleeave!!

But I also learned something important about food and life on the way to the sushi place. The radio was on a country station and a song was playing from which a particular line stuck with me, which I then used to justify and rationalize my occasional breaking of some rules - se o food rules! (Aren't some rules made to be broken anyway?..lol) The line from the song goes something like : "...sometimes I like my women just a little on the trashy side."  Hey, no it's not what you're thinking, you see, I'm a principled guy, yeeepp,  and so I look at, the principle! And the principle says to substitute the words "women" with ‘food", and "trashy" with "junkie" and I was immediately comforted by the fact that I can still occasionally cheat on my healthful diet, and still hope to live to be George Burns' age. And not that sushi aren't good and healthful, in fact these ones have salmon, avocado, tuna and other seafood ingredients. It can't get any healthier than that.

Speaking of wanting my food sometimes on the junkie side, I am one who defies, despises and avoids the "I'm loving it" slogan of the McPlace, but every once in a while (ok, twice, or thrice - ooops, there's that rice word again) I find myself at the drive through - at midnight - ordering two Big Macs. Why midnight? I don't know but it feels good to break some food rules at midnight. One day at church camp, I gulped a total of five or six diet cokes; the last one was imbibed at midnight.  :)

So this past Valentine, I reaffirmed the notion that I can break some food rules and still be at peace with my cheating appetite. And sushi being the main tempter! Was it Oscar Wilde who said that the way to overcome temptation is to yield to it?  Ok, with sushi, I'll do it.   Cheater! ...LOL!

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