Decision 2012

Notable quotes and other highlights

"President Obama hasn't run anything before he was elected President of the United States. Never ran a state, never ran a business, never ran a lemonade stand. This job's too important for on the job training,"

"In contrast, Mitt Romney's been a successful governor, a successful businessman. He's got the executive experience."
Bobby Jindal - Governor of Louisiana.
"What I would like to know is why is it OK for Barack Obama to publicly invoke the name of Jesus to justify high taxes or same-sex marriage, but when I mention that my faith leads me to accept what Jesus said regarding marriage as 'a man shall leave his mother and father, and a woman shall leave her home and the two will become one flesh,' I get whacked by the press and the pundits? I've been called a narrow-minded bigot, a homophobic hate monger, a Neanderthal, right-wing religious kook, and other things not mentionable on family television,"
Mike Huckabee - Former Arkansas Governor and host of Fox’s ‘Huckabee”

And now my TOP TEN contrasts between Romney and Obama

#10. Romney is Mexican (?); Obama is Indonesian (?)

#9. From Harvard, Romney has two degrees (Law and MBA); Obama has one (Law)

#8. Romney is considered rich; Obama is almost rich

#7. Romney was a bully, or so they say (at a private school); Obama is presently a bully, or so they say (in Washington)

#6. Romney mistreated the family dog; Obama ate someone’s dog (as a child in Indonesia).

#5. Romney’s great grandfather was a polygamist; Obama’s father, grandfather and great grandfather were all  polygamists.

#4. Romney smoked [a] cigarette as a youngster; Obama smoked dope in college

#3. Romney is not a Christian (or so they say); Obama is a Muslim (or so they say).

#2. Romney is for traditional marriage; Obama is for gay marriage

...and Number 1.....[drum roll]

#1. Romney is robotic, stiff and ... straight ; Obama is loose, flex and....gay (?)

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