Memorial Day and the Empty Tomb

Memorial Day in the United States is a holiday that pays tribute to those who have passed on. Originally, it was a day to honor those “who died to preserve liberty” - according to one newspaper. In other words, the men and women who died while serving in the US Armed Forces.

Today Memorial Day has been extended by most Americans to remember their own deceased family members and loved ones. Therefore the holiday (last Monday in May) is the day when fresh flowers and other decorative items are piled and draped on grave sites and tombstones. It’s a conspicuously colorful day at the graveyards. Family members go to the grave sites to pay their tributes by delivering flowers and spending some moments “with their dead”. The government and the military also hold commemorative services in honor of deceased veterans and victims of wars.

Though this is a belated post, I believe that in the contemplative and pensive moments of this past Memorial Day, it would have been fitting and also more meaningful to remember one particular grave - an empty one. It is of One who also died to grant and preserve liberty, not just for a certain group country or people, but for the entire human race.

May we always remember and "visit" the empty tomb. In fact, through and by Him - who had lain in it - all other tombs will eventually be empty too.

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