these will make my day ...

...heading straight to a grandson’s football game, then go home to watch Romney’s speech of his life and political career - so far - at the Republican National Convention where, tonight, watched by millions, he officially accepts the GOP nomination to challenge the incumbent Obama in November for the next President of the United States. I have been watching the convention and all the speakers were awesome. I am excited for the Romney/Ryan team.

There was a surprise/mystery speaker on tonight’s lineup which has been kept a secret but it has been confirmed that it will be Mr. Eastwood - Clint Eastwood. Wow! They could have easily passed the secret for saying it’s the “man with no name,” ...LOL!  Eastwood is one of my favorite actors/stars. I grew up watching his spaghetti westerns at the Tivoli and The Grand. But one of Eastwood’s memorable phrases in his Dirty Harry movies is: “A man has got to know his limitations,” and I hope he says that about Obama who should, by now, have known and understood his limitations. And that will certainly “make my day.” ...LOL!

Romney, as always, will give a great speech, I’m sure, and his chances are getting better and better by the week. It’s tough to go against an incumbent president, let alone a cool and popular one, but as one well known Republican said: The race is between “Mr. Cool and Mr. Competent.” America does not need a cool popular president at this critical time, but a competent, smart and experienced leader in Romney.

And after the convention speeches, I aaam reeaaady fooorrrr some foot......baaaaallll.  BYU is on ESPN, an opener against Washington State.  So go Romney! Go BYU! ... and Go Thunder! (grandson’s team).

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