Utah best state to live

"Utah, host of the Sundance Film Festival and an annual Llama Fest, has something else to add to its list of things residents can look forward to: It’s poised to become the best state in the country to live in.

The state ranked highest across 13 forward-looking categories that show it will be the best place to live in the future ...."  Read more ... 

Study: Utah's the most generous state.

"Utah is the most generous state, and New Hampshire the least -- that is, according to a new data on philanthropy and religion.

The more religious a state’s residents, the more generous they were with their discretionary income, a study released Monday by the Chronicle of Philanthopy reported.

After Utah, the most-generous states were Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina. The least generous, second to New Hampshire, were Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island."   ~ Los Angeles Times

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