Ooh Bummer ...

Well, first of all congratulations to Obama for his re-election!  He’s got only four more years. Thank goodness and thank heavens for term limits! I should not however attempt to elevate my hopes because Obama’s party, hence his socialist policies and programs, seem to be slowly but surely inching their way into the American psyche, becoming the pattern and standard for America.  Ooooooh gloomy!

... anyway, to be true to my logline, I have something to say. I am disappointed, disheartened and disgruntled.  Therefore, I am tempted to diss someone!   But I refrain.  I’ll try (yes, try) to stay within the fringes of moral indignation as I vent some take-aways (pun intended) from the Election.

First of all, Obama is one angry man!  It’s visceral. He’s angry at many things and many people (like Donald Trump). He is spiteful and vengeful. Obama is on a mission and he seems to be having success, and/or will eventually succeed. His mission is described in one word, a word that he finally uttered in his closing arguments of the election this past week, and the word is REVENGE!  He urged his supporters to vote for Revenge!  I’ll let you the reader interpret and expound on that, but I can write a whole dissertation on it.

Socialist Ideas
Obama likes to redistribute wealth. And as dirt-poor as I am, I would make an ideal supporter and protege of his, as many would surmise. I agree with him to a point on some issues, but in principle only. I detest his despise and dislike for the rich (like Donald Trump - and Romney).  But the irony in all of this, is that without the rich, he will not have any wealth to redistribute. Obama is like a Robin Hood, but his motives are not charitable, but vengeful. And so he wants to champion the poor which is his way of exacting not charity, but REVENGE based on his deep resentment for things, for certain people and kinds of people, social conditions, political and economic elements and philosophical tendencies, etc.

With Obama’s socialist policies, and the government as the sole dole distributor, there is no incentive for anyone to aspire to be better and to be successful - only incentives to be idle, consume and squander. Aiafu in other words.

The dire drawback, consequence and eventuality of such a mentality is that the rich will eventually be poor, and the poor will be poorer ...as well as poorest - if not rest in peace hastily.

Opportunity NOT  Importunity
When we talk with other immigrant families, we express gratitude for the so-called American values of hard work, innovation, benevolence, opportunities, freedom, etc. We tell our children that people come to America for OPPORTUNITY, not IMPORTUNITY. No one when contemplating coming to America will say, let’s go to America because they have a great welfare program that we can importune. Instead they tell their children to go to America because there are opportunities to make something of themselves.  We see that very objective changing because of the ideology of some parties and politicians (like Obama).  The government is making it more attractive for people to come for importunity. And, in turn, these people will continue to vote for that party, president and government that will give them the American Cream - instead of the American Dream.  What does one lose and/or compromise in becoming dependent on something?  FREEDOM!  And the government is supposed to protect and grant freedom - not abrogate it through promoting a life of dependency.  Worse still is that this abrogation of freedom is done by the country that touts herself as freedom's main protector and guardian.

Fair Share
The two words that have been pervasive in the president’s campaign. Obama wants fairness and equality as far as means and property.  At the same time, success is decried and attacked. Well, here’s my plan to quickly achieve fairness for everybody. Let’s all quit our jobs, become unemployed and apply for welfare and foodstamps. In twenty to thirty years, we will have milked the RICH dry, and we will all be equal and poor, equally poor with the rich. And when everybody is poor, then everything is finally fair. Everybody has nothing, stripped of property, of pride and integrity. Then what follows?   Then we all go to ..uh.... Hellooooooo??  Fair enough? Hahaha!

Well that’s my rant and beef.  Now I feel relieved and cleansed of post-election blues!

And so now, as my Church leaders admonished - and I concur - we need to pray for the President.  So here’s praying and wishing President Obama the best!  Good luck and God bless!

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