Treading Trend and Thanksgiving

Once upon a time, something that was good - or deemed good - remained ...hmmm.... good! Likewise, bad was bad. There was no two ways about it. Then things changed. What may be good today, may not be as good tomorrow. For example, I remember when eggs and milk were lauded as some of the most healthful foods on the pyramid (food, not Egyptian). (And by the way, to this day, I still remember looking for taro and palusami or cocoa rice ( “koko nice” according to granddaughter Eden) on that food pyramid during my Health classes in school in Samoa.)  But in the recent past, eggs and milk have been classified as also “bad” because they elevate one’s cholesterol - the bad cholesterol. Yes, there’s good and bad cholesterol too. (Like people. There’s some really good ones, and the reaaaaally not so good ones. Hahahaa!)

Which brings me to chairs and sitting. They’re good, and bad; they kill (re: past post). But wait, chairs are made to feel good and comfortable since comfort is a good thing, or is it? You see, for a long time people had been sitting for extended periods of time. Neanderthals sat on rocks and on trees waiting for the mammoth or the tiger; natives sat on mats playing games and chatting for hours and CEOs sit on chairs “nine to five”. The chair became so omnipresent that there were people actually called and titled “chairman” (or “chairperson”) because of where they sit - on a chair, while the rest sit on rocks and on mats. I would imagine that the “chairman” during the Neolithic age was called a “stoneman” or “rockman” and in Samoa that would be a “matman” - who would later become a “mad man” because he didn’t have a chair.

Ok, so who is advocating this sedentary pandemic, or "chairicide"? And why?  I have never heard of the “chair people” dying en masse on their chairs, or a cause of death listed on a report as “sitting on chair”. Correlation does not necessarily mean causation, people! The rooster does not cause the sun to rise.  (Though as a little kid I thought it did.)

Anyhow, I was not aware of the identities of the anti-chair culprits until a friend sent me this picture (below). They are the manufacturers of the treadstation. The whole mission and campaign for these chair haters is to get rid of chairs in the workplace and replace them with Treadmills!  See for yourself.  There’s a treadstation coming to a workplace near you - if not to yours.

But do you see the irony in this picture - and trend?  If not, then lemme tell ya! It has to do with women (sorry ladies). Those in the picture are all women, yet they are the ones - not men - disadvantaged most by this trend. Why?  How? Well, take a look at the closest one in the picture - nice office outfit, aye?  Now look at her shoooeees! A ha! Yes that’s the disadvantage.  There will be no more boots, heels, stilettos, etc. at work.  Advantage, therefore, goes to the men. Why?  How?  Men don't have to change shoes. Huh? Well, here:

LOL!  Well if you think the chair issue is dead, think again. Don’t be surprised if lawsuits - albeit mostly frivolous - are already in the pipeline, or on the belt (haha). On what basis? Injuries - physical and emotional. Twisted ankles, falls, buckled knees, pulled muscles, etc. And emotional? Well, it has to do with shoes. The fact that women will not be able to wear their preferred heels, boots and all, the office is considered a hostile work environment. Can you say discrimination and/or harassment?  So tread lightly!

And here’s a word to the CEOs of the treadstation: "Bring back the chairs!" The treadmill belongs in the gym and at home.  At least with a chair people can stand up and tread around, but with the treadstation, there's no option of sitting - where's the chair?  I think I will start campaigning to change your CEO title to mean Chair Elimination Officer and you would not want to live with such a title.

Woman/Wife:  Oh STOP IT!!! ... at least you have shoes!  LOL!   Man/Husband:  Oh yeah? ...  Really?

Woman/Wife:  Ok then,  you can wear mine!  .... Man/Husband:  LMSO! (Laughing My Shoes Off!)

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving! ... Y'all!
And remember, once upon a time the turkey was good - and still good - but it’s the muri (si’usi’u - tail) that is bad, at least according to the Samoan government.   LOL!

This post does not in any way, stated or implied, discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, shoes, marital status, food choices, BMI, political affiliation, corporate position or chair preference for that matter. It was written for the sole purpose of entertainment and reading pleasure of the blog audience. No treadmill or treadstation was damaged or destroyed in the writing of this post, or its immediate aftermath. However, a turkey - minus the tail - will be cooked and consumed some time during the aftermath of the post, and will be done in strict compliance to the laws and dietary regulations of the state and country of Turkey.

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