Donny and I agree ... LOL!

...yep, thaaat Donny.

Previously (May 2011 - to be specific) I had a post about my boyhood memories of Donny Osmond as a teen idol. And from that post, I have the following excerpt (plus picture) about Donny on Piers Morgan (CNN), but more importantly about Donny and Mr. Bieber:

Piers brought up JB (Justin Bieber) during the show and asked Donny about an advice he would give JB. Donny said he would tell him to hold on tight, and be strong because it’s going to be a long bumpy ride.  Funny that when JB first came on the scene, his hairstyle seemed new and fresh to young boys and girls - well they need to see Donny’s hair in this picture - we definitely know who the real trendsetter is ....:)

...and you ask, “So?”

Well, last Saturday (January 12, 2013 - to be specific) Donny had a concert in Kentucky and part of his show’s repertoire was showing a video of his younger days including this picture:

Then Donny asked the audience: “Do you know who that little kid was on screen?” Everyone laughed when he said,  “That was Justin Bieber, but I had the haircut first."  (Read More)

...hey donny did you read my blog?  ...hahahaaayeaaahhhriiiigght!

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