New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is when our whole family gets together for games and fun. It’s a family tradition, like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Fortunately, our daughters, husbands and children (grandchildren) do not live far away. All of them drive for only an hour or less - no travels from out of state or country.

New Year’s Eve this year fell on a Monday and so for Family Home Evening (FHE), we had a Family Games Evening (FGE). Everyone had fun - children and adults alike. The holiday season for me always means quality family time and so instead of the usual blog posts, I've decided to document our FGE with pictures which should be worth more words than an actual post.

...the weather outside was a bit frightful

but the fire inside was delightful

so some played video games

others played FB ... as in foosball ... but maybe online FB too?... LOL!

air hockey and ping pong ... 'twas COOL!

... and some taking others to school in POOL

          And finally it was time for food ... actually FEUD  "Family Feud" that is - our own version

...projected on a big screen,  there was something for everyone to digest

... from states

to famous Americans ...

... to island names

and some famous village names ....LOL!
  And so from our family to yours:

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