Intimations of a day in May

It was a nice Spring day. I was out to lunch and came back and admired the blossoms on the trees in front of our office building; and then through the flowers a contrasting flag caught my attention, so I took this picture with my phone. Though the flowers and flag are conspicuously contrasting, in almost every aspect, yet I see in them a common theme.

Flowers the Flag and God

Symbolic of sights and scent of Spring
are Nature’s flowers and fragrant bloom.
They represent life’s renewed Offering,
from waste and wilt of wintry gloom.
Resurrection so universal and so real,
perennial beauty bearing immortal appeal.
They crown the trees born of richly sod,
for man’s happiness and joy from God.

Amidst the flowers flies the flag - manmade -
a symbol of sovereignty, liberty and freedom.
As with Nine Eleven and the Iwo Jima brigade,
the banner wafts and waves to earthly kingdom.
The stars to honor and stripes to heal,
with hopes hallowed by heavenly seal.
As of old, it’s hoisted atop a brazen rod,
for man to look upon and remember God.

~ LV  Letalu 2013

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