Both a Mom and a MOM

It was Mother’s Day yesterday in this part of the globe, a day of course to honor and pay tribute to mothers. But in the culture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it’s extra special for those mothers who have sons and/or daughters serving missions for the Church in all the different parts of the world. That’s because Mother’s Day is one of the only two days (the other one being Christmas) that these sons and daughters are allowed to call home. Up until the recent past, the "call" simply was a phone call but technology has changed that. For some areas and missions Skyping, or other similar service, is allowed and so these mothers are now able to not only talk but also see their missionaries with the help of advances in videoconferencing technology. The truth is that the "call" for many of these LDS mothers is undoubtedly their best Mother’s Day present.  Such is true for Dearie who is both a Mom and a MOM (Mother Of Missionaries) and has two - son and daughter - serving at the moment. The "call" has been the highlight and delight for her Mother’s Day.

In addition to talking and seeing our Elder and Sister, we had a chance to chat - and skype - with one of the converts who was baptized by the Elder; she and her husband were both taught and baptized by the Elder. And that was an even more wonderful, precious and special gift for Dearie (and me) on Mother’s Day.  The couple has already made plans to be sealed in the temple in a year's time and they have invited us to attend as guests at their sealing.  Fruits of sharing the gospel certainly bring joy and happiness unmatched by any other deed.  To all the Moms and MOMs, a belated Happy Mother's Day!!!

Sis. Letalu, returning in a matter of days ... Wow, time flies ,,,,

The Sister and The Elder on Skype
In this picture the Sister sister is crying being sad that she is about to finish her mission, and also from the thought of "leaving" her brother behind. She had asked for her mission to be extended but was denied due to a large contingent of missionaries coming in as a result of the recent change in the age requirements. I love this picture because of the "light" contours around her face and cheeks that look like two hands comforting her (click picture to enlarge).

Elder Letalu enjoying his mission ...still has several months left

Mother's Day 2013
One of our daughters lent me her lei for the picture. These fresh orchid leis are common here on Mother's Day

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