Mission Accomplished

Three weeks ago the last and final black round stickers were placed on her mission tracking “Called to Serve” chart. She was coming home. The eighteen months’ tracking was fast even for us (her family) who have been - like all missionary families - watching and waiting. And who said that “a watched pot/kettle never boils?” (Sorry, Mr. Franklin, you are right to some degree.)  It actually seemed like it was just yesterday that she received and opened her mission call, and now she's home.

Anyhow, we were all excited and glad to see her back having served honorably and endured faithfully. In all her letters home, and emails, she always ends with the acronyms “ETTE” (Endure To The End) and “RWH” (Return With Honor) which are familiar missionary objectives and catchphrases. And so as a family we tried to capture the memorable moments of her homecoming especially at the airport. Fortunately, her (RM’s) aunty was there (with her family) to digitally capture those moments, a deed and service for which we are surely grateful.

Welcome home Sister Letalu!!

...anxiously waiting ...(niece Neni)

...and waiting... (nieces and nephews)

...still waiting

.. she arrives ...

...her family responds! ... all excited ....
... she and mom embrace ...

... mother and her baby, craughing, laughing, smiling ...
... with candies and flowers

...with mom, dad and her sisters ...

... with parents

... with aunty (photographer) and hubby ...

... with the "nextmissionaries/elders" (nephews)

...like this (missions to be accomplished)...lol!

Sis. Letalu 

... with one more sign at .... Home!!

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