WussssssSUP?   Well, it’s SUP - Stand Up Paddleboarding ..that’s wussssup!!! ..lol!

Some of our children who were kayaking and paddleboarding last weekend at the lake invited us (Dearie and I) to come hang out.  I wasn’t in the mood of getting wet or doing anything in the water.  I just wanted to sit, relax, enjoy and appreciate nature and watch some of the grandchildren play and swim.  And  then I got bored - hmmm...a little. So I said “why not?”  I couldn't resist getting on the stand up paddleboard; I got on and paddled out to the middle of the lake.

Paddleboarding actually was invented by Polynesians, namely the Hawaiians who would lie (not "lay", Americans ... lol) on the stomach (prone) on the board and paddle with their hands. SUP is a variant of paddleboarding.

Balancing was a challenge especially when the rippling waves, cranked up by the passing waverunners and boats, rocked the paddleboard. Heheee ...

So while SUPing, the connection with my island roots and life was inevitable and immediate.  I remember, as a teenager, paddling the paopao (dugout canoe) standing up, most of the time during folaulauga (leisure canoeing).  The nostalgia was refined and near poignant as some of the songs came to mind:

“Aloalo malie lou va’a Samoa, i lou sami lanumoana ...” and

“A e fia tafao toso lou paopao, 
pei oe se seila mai nu'u mamao
e te  folaulau ai ma e lagilagi pese 
ma e faalogo i le tausagi o manulele.
Samoa e, ou te alofa tele ia te ‘oe ....”  

Hey, it’s Summertime, Summertime, Sum Sum Summertime!!

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