Michelangelo and Venus

Two of our grandchildren dressed up as Mutant Ninja Turtles and came to trick-or-treat at my work today.
Kade, as Michelangelo and Kora as Venus de Milo (the female turtle). They had the most awesome costumes, all homemade by their Dad who is a Halloween costume enthusiast. (Remember the Minions from last year?)  I think the turtles had the most admirers at my work especially of their shells. Wow.  And that’s Halloween 2014 in a “turtle shell” - cause tonight is the bigger bash. The annual family Halloween party!  Some pictures of the turtles’ visit at my work today....

... hey Venus, is that Shredder?

... we better hurry up and find him

... hmmm I think we're close

... forget Shredder, let's go get more candies

... let's start over there in that corner office

... ok, think hard ...what our next step is

... I got it! .. here, magic ....

... let's prepare some magic concoction

... I know this will work

... Mike, I think I see him down there

... Venus, wait, be careful he's in the elevator 

... Oh, it's not Shredder, it's Papa ....LOL!

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