On a Mission

He has left on his mission.  And I already miss him.  A lot.  During the several days of his sendoff, we've been busy.  Last Friday (6/19) was his party, Saturday was our family picture day and Sunday was his church "farewell" service during which he gave his lauga (spiritual talk).   Wednesday (6/24), we dropped him off at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Provo.  In a couple of weeks, he'll leave for his assigned mission.

It was just last year our son (the last of our children) came home from his mission, and now the new/next generation (grandchildren) of missionaries starts with Kalobe.  A trailblazer. A pioneer.  A forerunner.

Some pictures from these last few days/weeks.

... the Elder after church on his "farewell" Sunday

... on his graduation day with our children - his aunties and uncle

... the grandchildren - including him (picture day)

... me with the four oldest g/sons - incl. him (picture day)

... him with the same future elders (MTC)

... him with the rest of the grandboyz - future elders/missionaries? (picture day)

... him with the girlz (picture day)

...the grandchildren from oldest to youngest (r to l) - almost!
oldest and youngest, the first two on the right. the rest are in order...:)
(picture day)

boyz&men (picture day)

... o 'oe ma a'u  lol! (picture day)
... him and me (day he was set apart)

... him hangin' out with the boys

... him with the brothers

... him with us - farewell at MTC

... him and me (picture day)

... him with the rest of the family (family picture day)

... just for fun (family picture day)

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