Weekend in Vegas

... it was this last weekend (of June 5th).  A mini reunion after the reunion.  It was a quick getaway to unwind and to relax.  The word "relax" seems an oxymoron in Sin City, especially if relax is equated with the usual rest and sleep...lol.  Yes, this is the city that never sleeps; never rests.  Our part of the group from SLC arrived at 2:00 am (Saturday); the other half who drove up from LA arrived around 4:00 am and the streets were still packed; it's like midday in the busiest metropolis.

So we too hardly slept.  We stayed up talking, singing, eating, laughing, eating and then more eating. Now a confession: We did sin in Sin City. (It has to be one of the seven cardinal ones to qualify right?) Well take a guess which sin - the first two pictures are hints.  By the way, it's venial not mortal.  Ok, ok... 'fessing up -  Ggl...gl...gl...Gluttony! ...hahaaha.  And I think it also qualifies as that which happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, as the expression goes.....aaight?

It was definitely -and literally - a Pig Out! 
Thank you family -  the beautiful couple at the far end especially....muchalofaz! 

If #2 is the medium sized pig according to the "traditional pig scale", then this was a #1 -
and we had two of them.  special order - not part of the regular menu...LOL!
When in Vegas do as the "Vegans" do??  Eat meat! ..hahahaa

...boys gone mild

...vegas buffet style

view from hotel suite

suite bathroom w/tv - a "little overindulgence" oxymoronically speaking...LOL!
suite smile..ish all good!

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