Football is Afoot .... Again.

It’s that time of the year again. School has started...hmmm... on the weekdays. But on Saturdays (and a couple of weekdays, sometimes Thursdays and/or Fridays), it’s football days for me.  No, I don’t play. I watch and cheer for my college football  teams team, the BYU Cougars!

But most importantly, I spend my Saturdays watching and cheering for our grandsons’ teams - high school and little league. Saturday therefore is a busy - but fun and enjoyable - day for me watching the sons play. There’s a total of four games I have to try to get to.  Some of the games overlap, time-wise, and it’s a challenge to make it to all of them especially because the fields are scattered within as much as a ten mile area (approximately) on a given Saturday, depending on the schedule. On the opening day (Saturday before last) I traveled a total of about thirty miles.  Much of that distance included traveling from Field A to Field B about nine miles one way and then back to Field A’s general area for the remaining two games. I enjoy watching our grandsons play. Growing up in Samoa, at their age, I never had a chance to play any kind of organized sports; there wasn't any in the villages.  As little boys, we created our own games and fun activities. Rugby, as an organized sport, wasn't played until high school and was only in those schools around the more urban areas too.  I played rugby in high school (Samco) and then during the post high school years.

So on the first day I had to get to all the grandsons' football games to watch, support and cheer and took pictures with them.  This Saturday routine will continue for the next two or three months....

... perfect football weather and setting....  a typical Saturday morning
in our neck of the woods.
... these two (brothers) play on the same team

... these two (brothers) play on separate teams

... this one plays on a different team altogether.  Then there's two more in high/jr. high school.

... and these two (sister and brother), also like to play football - soccer, that is...lol

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