Weekend Pics

This past weekend Dearie and I were privileged and honored to be guests at one of the most beautiful weddings.  It was the wedding of a daughter of one of our best friends -  VP of Hawaii’s Polynesian Cultural Center.  It was a “Samongan” wedding (lol). Perhaps the most beautiful and elegant Poly wedding we’ve attended (and we’ve been to quite a number of them).  It was wonderful and extraordinarily lovely. Everything. Food (of course), decorations, entertainment, venue, etc., etc.  The NZ fruit cake was delectable and delicious as always. We thoroughly had a great time!  Mucho faafetai and faamalo to our dear friend, his wife and aiga for a wonderful and memorable occasion.  Manuia le ulugali’i fou!!

Manuia fo'i le ulugali’i tuai ...lol ...we made (tried) some memories of our own too....hahahaa

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