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I’ve submitted my last response (below) on the conversation in the previous posts.  In my experience with these kinds of conversations/debates, interlocutors, once “cornered” on the particulars/specifics of the debate, will often start to steer the debate to another topic or issue (red herring and/or strawman) or resort to conflation and equivocation.  That has been the case with this conversation, especially when LM’s previous response showed signs of anger, frustration and incoherence.  Using a boxing match analogy, when you see your opponent throwing indiscriminate and aimless punches (sauea), it’s time to stop. Sometimes, he may still continue his sauea in desperation and frustration, but for you, it’s time to lean back against the ropes and just watch his foolery.  Occasionally, if called for, a little schadenfreude is okay...lol!!

Le Mafa P:

I wasn’t going to dignify your appalling rambling, retrograding and disjointed thoughts and egregious knowledge with another response. Believe me, this last attempt of yours was/is a mess.

But then I thought that I could be a pedagogical benefactor in helping you and/or your like-minded friends to “get with the times”, as well as in endowing some erudition in your feeble brains. (Unless your like-minded friends are actually the same person (you) using different aliases.) In other words, let me get back to my level; it sure is uncomfortable at yours - at so many levels (punning of course). Allow me, as part of my dignification efforts, therefore, to indulge in a little schadenfreude. I see from your messy writing now that you’re hurt and injured - literally and figuratively. I also see that you are “gleefully disgusted with yourself” because you’re trying to defend the indefensible.

If anyone needs to crawl out of a shell, it’s you. You need to see the world - literally. You definitely seem to be one of those who may have never left Samoa and as a result you develop a sense of hatred, anger, insularity and paranoia against anything or anyone from outside Samoa. You are obviously an ideal xenophobe, bordering on being a racist.

The irony of it all is that you live in a world - even in Samoa - that is saturated with things foreign and use them everyday, and at the same time, repulsed by them. That’s a dangerous and apparent symptom of dementia, if not total and visceral imbecility. It’s also hypocritical, duplicitous and two-faced. It’s apparent that you have had some formal education, though not much; and yet you’re still biting at the hand that fed/feeds you. You’re also a dog barking up the wrong tree, with your misplaced and misguided yelping. Moreover, you’re committing a strawman in trying to drag the HRPP and passports into this. Again, your worldview is extremely shallow.

Lastly, that’s good that you’re resting your case, because you don’t and didn’t have much of any to begin with. By the way, why does “rest my case” ring loudly in my mind? Did you also use the alias “Impensable”? Your messy writing and rambling look and sound so similar; your inept grammar as well.

O lea la, e faapenei, talu ai e le lelei lau gagana faa-Peretania, o se isi taimi e te toe talanoa mai ai, faamolemole faaaoga mai le gagana Samoa. E lelei lena atonu e te malamalama lelei ai i talanoaga ma fetufaa’iga o manatu. Pe afai lena o ia te oe se agava’a ma se iloa o le gagana Samoa. Ae a leai, ia fai mai loa le isi loomatua, “E sili pe a ku’u!”

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