Flying, Feasting and Fun on the Fourth

...waiting for flight at gate
It was the Fourth (July 4th) weekend - the Independence weekend - and Dearie and I were invited by some famariends, who, like us, were under the spell of the wanderlust fairy. And so we skipped town for some fun and pleasure, as well as for a missionary homecoming party in Southern Cal. We caught a morning flight, arrived before noon and then did some driveabout. We stopped at a Hamo store/restaurant and picked up some kalo faalifu and boiled bananas.

Then we headed out to a scheduled destination spot. As passenger, I could tell we left the Los Angeles metropolis as I noticed a change of community patterns -- from a more urban one to an oceanside look and feel.  For someone who grew up about a stone's throw from the ocean, it was deja vu as I started to feel the sea breeze against my face. I started inhaling the familiar smell of the ocean, and a brief nostalgic homely feeling came over me as I recalled memories of our island home near the sea. In a matter of seconds, I snapped back to reality -- and it was Redondo Beach.  The Pier.
... in the plane

Based on our city hopping itinerary, we were not there to get a tan, play beach volleyball or surf (haha), we were there for one of our favorite things - to eat, more specifically to eat some seafood. And we had lots!

In the evening we attended the homecoming party and then spent the night in LA.

... somewhere over the western states

The following morning (July 4th), we flew from LA to LV (my eponymous backyard, hahaa) - Las Vegas that is;  it was the second time in a few weeks we were in Sin City.  We just didn't seem to get enough of the place. And it was hot, hot, hot - like any other diabolical place ...hehee... j/k.  In fact too hot for my liking, and this is from someone originally from a place near the Equator.  I happened to be walking down the Strip on a hot afternoon, and for the hundreds of people elbowing their way through the crowds in just one block, English was hardly the language of conversation - not even Spanish (I can recognize Spanish, who doesn't?).  The various languages seemed to be of  the countries across Europe and Asia.  Or does Vegas have its own language/s now?  Ia Viva, Viva, Viva Las Vegas loa la!

And of course we dined and dined - without the wine, and no pig(let) this time.  Instead we did the “aflac” thingy - yes, the ducky! ... and lotsa Chinese cuisine and more seafood.

During the night of the 4th,  when fireworks invaded the night sky, we were watching them from our sky suite.  And they did not impress.  The angle from which we were watching made the colorful mushrooms seemed trivial ; and with the Vegas lights dominating the skyline, the fireworks blended and appeared like imitation lights.  Point is, Vegas may not be a perfect place to watch fireworks, especially having the Strip as the backdrop.  With its colorfully lit night skyline, Vegas doesn't need fireworks, it has fireworks every night!

Anyhow, some pics from our Funtastic Fourth weekend.

... the pier - Redondo Beach

...grilled and fried fish, corn, crabs, lobsters and faalifu kalo..

... and fa'i too

selfie at the missionary homecoming party

on the plane again ...

... and limo service ...

... our hotel... Aria  downtown LV!! ..Imagine watching fireworks against this kind of backdrop....

... beautiful real flower arrangements - hotel lobby

... late night snacking in our sky suite ...lol

... more seafood .. o le vaisu lea faa- Saiga ...lol!

... and more food

... the famariends.  Faafetai Tele mo le invite!!!.... and happy anniversary to the aulelei couple on the right!!!

...meanwhile, Stui is tui-ing (and cutting) the cake for all of us, commemorating the Fourth ...
and wishing US "Happy July 4th!" ...lol!
(picture: Samoa Observer)

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