Pictures from our Daughter's BYU Graduation

... graduated and already hired as a news editor at a Utah major - and very first - TV station ....

There was a quite a treat too for our daughter's graduation from a famous singer/entertainer who happens to be our (with dearie) teen idol (with his sister) during our younger days in Samoa.  Re: this post on this blog from back in 2011 that refers to those times when we started listening to Donny and Marie Osmond.  This past Friday during graduation, we got to meet Donny  - and had our pictures taken with him.  Donny had a son who graduated together with our daughter.  How about that?  Coincidence or fate?  ...LOL!  We couldn't have met a much nicer person. Donny is a very pleasant, modest and unassuming guy.

a picture with dearie and our girls

Donny said to us that our children and grandchildren were too young to know who he was.  Then he asked this
grandson if he remembers the Disney movie Mulan (in which he "played" Li Shang). Donny was surprised
when our grandson sang back the theme song which he (Donny) sings ...

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