...more wonderful memories

Last night I was watching Piers Morgan (CNN), and his guests were Donny and Marie. They were our teen idols growing up in Samoa. Yes, Samoa! I still remember going to Morris Hedstrom store/supermarket to read and buy Tiger Beat magazines because Donny was almost always on the cover. One of my brothers named one of his sons after Donny!

Piers reminded Donny and Marie of their glory days and they cheerfully recounted the memories. And as they did, I recalled my own coinciding ones. Dearie and I loved to listen to “Puppy Love”,Paper Roses” etc. Still do. One of the letters I wrote to Dearie at the time had the complete “Paper Roses” lyrics on it with some romantic drawings. We still talk about ‘em dayz ...lol! She had Donny and Marie LPs (albums) and whenever I went over to her house, we would listen to songs like “Twelfth of Never” (one of my all-time favorites), “Morningside of the Mountain” - still a favorite of both of us and “Leaving it all up to You” ... Now that is real music - not the cacophonous boom boom blasts of today’s noisy and tumultuous blabbers.

Watching Donny and Marie last night evoked lots of wonderful memories. And the duo are still singing and performing at the Flamingo in Vegas and - even betta - had just released a new CD “Donny and Marie” - the first in over 30 years. We already have a copy, and though all the songs are new and mostly country-ish, they are greeaat! ...excellent reviews too.

Piers brought up JB (Justin Bieber) during the show and asked Donny about an advice he would give JB. Donny said he would tell him to hold on tight, and be strong because it’s going to be a long bumpy ride. Funny that when JB first came on the scene, his hairstyle seemed new and fresh to young boys and girls - well they need to see Donny’s hair in this picture - we definitely know who the real trendsetter is ....:)
JB and Donny


  1. Love the Bieber and Donny photos - wow!

  2. A really nice contrasting pic; I was wowed too ... thanks!