Camping on My Roof

View of the mountains from our house
The fact that I taught my Sunday School class today, and that I'm now typing and adding another post to this blog are proofs that the world did not end yesterday - May 21. And it's not that I even had the slightest premonition or conviction that a Rapture was going to happen.  Instead I was - like most of you - more scornful and derisive towards the "demential old man".

In fact, within my worst fears of sudden fate or apocalyptic event, a Friday the 13th - in the ominous context - shifts the needle furthest on my trepidation gauge, than a doomsday prediction.

That's how I feel. And so on Saturday, I - like most working people - slept in; it's the so-called "sleep make up day".

It was ironic however that I spent much of the afternoon camping (pun intended) on the roof of our house, doing some inspection and fixing some damages from the stormy and violent weather of the winter months. And because of my perpetual disdain and derision for Mr. Camping's divination, the roof started to take on a rapture perspective and feel anyway, as I looked out from a hovering and levitating viewpoint. Suddenly the prediction became more haunting than soothing....hahahaa

The weather was perfect however. I looked out and I was charmed and captivated by the panoramic view of the mountains from our rooftop, so I grabbed the camera and took the shot.  It was heavenly as evident in the picture. The contrast was incredible between the sun and warmth at our home and the snow-capped peaks that rise precipitously just a few miles away. One would look at the snowy mountains and think that it was cold at our place. No, not yesterday, not even with such close proximity to the white powder. The clear blue sky added to the whole serenity of the heavens that I would not have minded being caught up in those celestial clouds ...LOL!

But now, I have to call Mr. Camping to send back - through electronic transfer - my life savings that I sent him Friday. The only reason I am hesitating, is because the savings amount is not enough to cover the bank fee of five dollars. So Mr. Camping, I forgive you! You can keep my money.  I don't care, it's not the end of the world anyway - pun seriously intended. LOL!!

By the way, an hour ago - today being Sunday - I drove through one of the worst hailstorms on my way to the airport. For a moment, I thought Mr. Camping was a day early - but still honor and repute short - in his prediction.  I will now look forward to some real and "true camping" in the Summer months.

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