The Smooch!

The Smooch
Congratulations Scotty ... and Lauren!

This should be my last post on American Idol, at least until about this time next year - so no complaints please. I gotta have an AI sendoff .. .though I think Simon Cowell's "X-Factor" may trump Idol. Naaaaah!

Anyway, for Idol, it's just what the doctor ordered! Scotty deserves the title, and Lauren as the runner up. Idol keeps rolling out country stars - just ask Carrie Underwood. With the domination of the country genre, AI might as well be renamed ACI - American Country Idol.

Scotty and Lauren are both great performers with great country voices. There's some speculation that they have become more than friends. But Lauren claims the relationship is only platonic (yeah, Lauren, that smooch is a purely platonic one ...hahaha) ...by the way, that's where most people start ... from platonic to harmonic and ultimately something embryonic ...lol!

Well the fact that Scott and Lauren both sing country, and are really great at it, they can make a great duo, like Donny & Marie ...uh? ..NO? ...well, ok, more like these duos: Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood and Tim McGraw & Faith Hill.

Let me quote from one of my posts of two months ago:

"[Scotty] does not need to covet #1. He is already a #1 country singer. In fact, I think he is going to be better than Brooks, Travis, Chesney or McGraw. Scotty is the voice and face of Country Music in the next decades. Hands Down! He is young and he will have a long successful career. Even your grandchildren and great grandchildren will adore [and listen] to him."

Oh, and Lady Gaga may switch to country and start courting Scotty too ...Hahaha!

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