Wuzzzzzup B.O.?

The tornado in Missouri is the big and tragic event in the news. And in the midst of such a tragedy comes a heartwarming and uplifting story. A quick thinking and resourceful woman remembered the bathtub as one place that offers better chances of survival during a tornado. So she, her boyfriend, and her son all got in the bathtub with blankets over them. But she also learned somewhere that a bicycle helmet can be used for protection, so she had her son put one on. At one point, she said the toilet bowl flew off its base and hit the little boy on the head. The helmet saved the boy's life.

The incident will be forever etched in the boy's mind especially if he plays college football where he will get to wear a helmet, and then ends up playing in a bowl game... lol ...that was my own take.

Presidential gaffes are always a big draw for political pundits, comedians and the average citizen.
And there hasn't been a shortage of them, no matter who the President is. And with the invasive and ubiquitous nature of technology today, no one is immune from the bloopers they sometimes make.

This week Obama is in the UK and has had some mishaps.  His limousine (The Beast) got stuck on a hump at a gate.  And while there, the British police and Scotland Yard have given him - for a code name - a Punjabi word that means "smart alec" or "crafty and cunning". Though the code name seems offensive, it became an irony in the President's gaffe at Westminster Abbey earlier today, when he signed the guest book. Well, here:

Everything is ok, except the date.  It's May 24, 2008! ...Uh...Hello, BO!   I guess with all the problems he has had with declining approval ratings, I don't blame Obama for remembering only the good times, the good year - 2008 - when he was elected President. ...LOL!

And so when he talked about "Yes we can" and "Change" during his campaign, this is what he was referring to "Yes we can change ... the date!"

And with Memorial Day coming up, it's fitting to revisit the following gaffe by, again, B.O. from his previous speech and tribute to the fallen soldiers:

"On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes —— and I see many of them in the audience here today —— our sense of patriotism is particularly strong."

Hahahaaaa.......must be the ghosts of the soldiers that changed the date to 2008!

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