American Idol Revisited

I am bringing this back for an important reason as someone who has been an unofficial fourth judge privately prognosticating American Idol.

Before tonight's show (May 19th) started, three contestants remained, down from thousands and tens of thousands. One was eliminated by show's end, leaving two finalists. And guess who the two are?

Well, here's the picture from my Idol Update of March 4, when there were thirteen contestants left, and showing my top three picks then.
Now, Pia (#1), who I picked to win it all, was eliminated prematurely - and "unfairly" I should say. Why do I say that? Because I know she was the best, and marketable too - in every sense of the word. In fact a lot of predictors, even famous entertainers have said the same thing that Pia is perhaps the most surprising exit of the popular show since its inception. I still pick her as the winner - at least ceremoniously now.

Anyway, the reason for revisiting AI is to confirm a couple of my picks. For those who have not followed Idol, guess who the remaining two are - - my #2 and #3 picks respectively - Scotty and Lauren! And so if Scotty wins, which is still my prediction, my picks will have earned me an honorary chair between JLo and Steven ....LOL!! ... at least to deliver the casting vote in case of a tie.

Scotty and Lauren seem real nice All American kids and worthy - in more than vocal talent - of being the two finalists. The fact that they also both sing Country, is even more fitting in terms of genre origin and proprietariness.

Good luck to Scotty and Lauren!

Lastly, my cheers go out to Idol host Ryan Seacrest for being the best radio and television presenter and personality in the world! That's my own opinion ...and ...uhmmm... Trust me!

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