Anti-Mormons and the three "ANT's" ...or "ANCE's"

Let religious bigotry begin ...

The 2012 US Presidential Race is slowly burgeoning at least for the Republicans. The Democrats already have their incumbent candidate in Obama.
And since Romney - based on the 2008 elections - is the frontrunner and considered by many to be the Republican bellwether for 2012, and a Mormon, the anti-LDS crowd is back at the trenches with their pitchforks torches and banners that might as well read:

“Let the anti-Mormon sentiments and bigoted attacks against the LDS Church BEGIN!”

The following is a response to an article about Mitt Romney and the 2012 Presidential Elections:

rexhmailtmp at 6:40 AM February 04, 2011
"Romney is a devout Mormon. If you want the Mormon church influencing/directing the highest office in this land, then vote Mormon. If not, choose another."

This is a typical anti-LDS response found in cyberspace and elsewhere on a Mormon candidacy for US President. The response is insidious. It is denigrating. It is bigoted. It is stupid.  It's the same phobia they had with Kennedy and the Catholic Church.

I will certainly have a lot of postups on this topic in the days and months to come, but for now, let me just emphatically say that user rexhmailtmp, like most people who discredit and besmirch Mormons as US Presidents because of their religion, is ignorant, arrogant and intolerant. And I’m not - at least for the time being - ready to invoke Article VI and the “No Religion Test Clause” of the US Constitution. After all, it may be a futile endeavor especially to those who harbor deep resentment and rancor toward the LDS religion. In other words, those who have internalized ignorance, arrogance and intolerance.

Interestingly, Obama has commented on his being most apprehensive in facing - of all the potential Republican candidates - Jon Huntsman in the general election. Huntsman is a former governor of Utah, a Republican, and was appointed US Ambassador to China (and currently serving) by the Obama administration. Huntsman has hinted that he is going to resign and enter the 2012 race. And yes, Huntsman - like Romney - is a Mormon. He speaks fluent Chinese (Mandarin) from his LDS Church mission to Taiwan. When Obama went to China on his visit, Huntsman was his translator/interpreter.

But be forwarned still that Mormophobia is alive and well in the land of the free.

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