I think I have sinned ...

Yes, I thinnnnnnnnnnn ...k!

I have been a lover. Abstinence was shunned, restraint was ousted and discretion was compromised.

Okay, okay, let me get you off the hook now - I was a food lover.

You see during the weeks of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays - as is the case every year - foods of all kinds were in abundance, especially the so-called junk foods. They were everywhere - at home, at work, at church - yes, at church, of all places ...well, during their parties and other social functions.

I was a glutton and as a result I was not "cute as a button". And the belly button? ‘Twas half cute. Speaking of buttons, one or two middle ones of my shirts popped - but not dropped, fortunately. Now that wasn't cute either.

Still I was in denial then I rationalized, as in "What’s wrong with self-indulging ..uhmmm... once  ...hmmm....a year?" And this: "Please let me be a rebel sometimes." (confession: I aaam a rebel sometimes!!) Oh, and this one too: "If I don’t regress I don’t progress." ....and along the same lines I factored in the 2011 resolutions in that rationalization with: "I need to gain weight so I can have "losing weight" as a resolution."  Same as "I need to sin to repent."   It’s called being "rational" with "lies" - "rationalies". ..LOL!

Anyway, as a result of all the gluttony and rationa-lies-ation, I gained many pounds - well, ok, I lied - just a few. But few enough to violate some "law".

There’s a fine line between obsession and discretion. Between excess and moderation. That line has been marred and crossed many times during the holidays and as a result another line - the waistline - has stretched, suffered and ... "wasted"?

So in religious lingo, I say, "Father, forgive me for I have sinned."  I promise that in the next few weeks I won’t be sinning but thinning. And at that time, in innocent toddler speech, I’ll say: "I thin ’k I huf thinn’d" which may be a more fitting title of this post.

Anyhow, I’ll start, again, eating fish (esp. salmon), all types of nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, coconuts and donuts ... hahaha, ok, not the last two). I’ll eat more avocados, broccoli, etc., etc., and drink lots of mountain dew (literally) - not from the can but from the mountain. Hey, where I’m from, water is mountain’s dew.

So now I’ll go and thin ... until I thinnnnnnnnnnn ... no more.... LOL!

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