Wedding Invitations with Stipulations

...no, not the “No children, please”, RSVPs or the Registry announcement.
This has to do with money. Yes, maahnee.

I was listening to Radio Samoa (NZ) one evening and an interesting issue/topic was discussed and debated. This particular one has to do with wedding invitations that stipulate monetary gifts.

The announcer/moderator alluded to the actual request for gifts to be money -“only” - printed on the invitations. It sounded like this is something that is already happening in NZ. To the best of my knowledge, this has not happened among the Samoans in America - certainly not in Utah - ...yet. The question, therefore, is: How soon before my neck of the woods catches on to this matrimonial deviation?

The discussion on the radio invited some responses and opinions on the appropriateness of such a seemingly bodacious request. Those who called in to express their opinions were mixed. Some agreed, others did not. Still others were bothered that now the weddings are becoming fund-raising opportunities for wedding couples and families. In fact some of the weddings presently are intended as such, though the difference is in being subtle and being bold or unabashed about it. Some callers did not seem to mind because the newlyweds need money to “start” their lives together anyway.

I think that some families and newlyweds are apparently tired of the sameness of the gifts especially kitchenware (toasters, glassware, plates, etc.) or bathroom items and other trivialities. Sooo what?  Distribute them to aunties, uncles, in-laws ma le aiga akoa ...

Anyhow, stay tuned for my take on this barefaced issue ....

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