The Super Bowl - A "hairy" proposition

This year's Super Bowl storyline - at least to some sports pundits - consists of an antithesis to the more popular plot of the shaved and hairless image of the recent decades in professional sports - especially the NBA. Long hair has been thrown into the mix as a fetish and good luck charm especially in gaining advantage in the final outcome of the Super Bowl.  Both teams seem to invest and subscribe to the notion and delusion.

For the Packers, we have Clay Matthews whose long straight blond hair is pitted against the more popular kinky mane of Steelers' Troy Polamalu as etched in this auto tribute.

So which team has the edge? Is there a tiebreaker, one who will break this hairy gridlock (pun intended)?


The odds favor the Steelers who has a player sporting more of chin hair than scalp hair - Brett Keisel.  His beard has also made Super Bowl headlines.

Keisel - A former Cougar (BYU)
And so in case Matthews petitions Polamalu for leniency and favor for the Packers, and broker a compromise whereby the Packers might prevail,  Keisel will interject and say:

"No, not by the hair of my chinny chin chin."


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