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The NBA.  For those of you who care, like the Germans who cheered for Nowitzki, well the Mavs Beat the Heat (and that's Neat!) to become the World Champions!! Congratz Mavs!.

Guess who else are happy for the Mavs? The Cavs! Yesssir, The Cavs and the Mavs are Favs. Certainly, the Cleveland Cavaliers are still angry with Lebron James for jumping ship, and so how do we describe the Cavs' reaction?  Schadenfreude  baby! - Thank you Germans!

(Pic: See the blooper by the Miami Herald? Sorry!)

Before game 5 in Dallas, Nowitzki was under the weather and had a bad fever ...still played though. Wade and James made fun of Dirk's sickness ...uhmmm...reaaally?  So who are the real sickly  ones now? Huh? So while the Mavs celebrated, the "Trio" was deflated - their egos, that is...especially the misnomer "king james" ...What's in a name?  Sometimes, not much, other times, a LOTTT!

For example, "Weiner" ...is a Weiner! ...'nuff said! ...and the same advice to the whole media blitz! ...Nuff ..is enough! The guy is a weiner! ..Okay? A weiner by any other name is STILL a weiner!  He is another sickly weiner.  I heard he's gone in for treatment ...of course he definitely needs to be treeeeaated!.

And from a weiner to a winner ....

Mitt the Man is enjoying a boost in the polls since the announcement. Tonight is the CNN GOP Debate so watch for all Romney's fellow Republican foes go after him!  C'mon you fellow GOP candidates, unless a woman or maid comes forward claiming Romney to be the father of her child,  Mitt is It! ...the GOP nominee....even despite his Mormonism.

....and speaking of Mormons, again and again - yes it's presidential elections time again ...and so the Mormons are back in center stage and are newsworthy, I guess.  Here's an excerpt from a news article on the BOM Broadway musical that won NINE Tony Awards:

The profane and hysterical "The Book of Mormon" [Broadway musical] took home nine Tony Awards on Sunday including the prize for best musical, a considerable achievement for a pair of first-time Broadway playwrights known more for their raunchy cartoons featuring potty-mouthed kids.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of the Emmy Award-winning "South Park," found a kindred soul in Robert Lopez, who co-wrote the Tony-winning "Avenue Q," and all three found themselves with plenty of awards when they collaborated to gently mock Mormons and send-up Broadway itself.
Collecting the best musical prize, a subdued Parker, ... said he'd be remiss if he didn't thank his late book co-writer —— Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion.
"You did it, Joseph! You got the Tony!" Parker said looking skyward and holding up his award.
So the best musical contains the "profane, hysterical ..raunchy and the potty-mouthed."????

Wooow, are these guys (Parker, Stone and Lopez) geniuses, or what?  No, they are fools! ...LOL! ...Fools? Why?  Ridicule Joseph Smith and you are a certified fool! ...LOL! ...according to LDS scripture... well, here:

"The ends of the earth shall inquire after thy name [Joseph], and fools shall have thee in derision, ...." D&C 122:1

Is the musical a some sort of fulfillment of scripture or what? ...LOL!  I think they're after the wrong guy, they should be ridiculing Harold Camping ...though he has been ridiculed enough in the last several weeks .... and recently Camping has suffered a stroke. Could his world be ending soon? ...

Finally, here are the most recent headlines from Obamanation:

"Obama pushes jobs plan ...."
"Obama announces plan to cut government waste."

What? Plan? Is Obama just now making plans? What has he done in the last two and a half years? ...I think he bet all his money on Osama. Well a word for you Mr. Prez: "Osama will not save Obama in 2012!" As they say: "It's the Economy, Stupid!"  .... Could his term be ending soon?

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