Over 90 and loving it!

Hahahaha ...no I'm not 90, though very close! LOL!   Wow, I was just watching this documentary on PBS of people who are between 90 and 100+ years old.  If you need some motivation for longevity, try to catch it on local PBS programming.  It's uplifting, to say the least.  You can also check it out from one of the PBS websites. 
What I learned is for one to enjoy and feel great during old age, he/she needs to stay busy, creative, be interested in acquiring knowledge and learning new things, exercise, be happy and feel grateful, help and love others, etc.  Generally scientists believe that longevity is 30% genetics and 70% lifestyle.

Here's a Youtube segment of the film, but again watch the whole film and you'll appreciate more what it offers.  Most of those who are featured in the film look more like they're in their 70's if not 60's.  The Senior Olympian is amazing and so is Granny D who walked - literally - across America at 89/90 years old.   There are many more incredible people in the film.
Over 90 and loving it

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