Evidently, Schwarzenegger and that IMF guy - Dominique - because of their foreign accents have both mispronounced and misinterpreted the word "maid" to be "meidt" or .... "mate"  The first part of their rehab is to learn and understand the proper meaning of the word "maid" .... in English~

Trump and the Tramp
 Ok, "Tramp" as in a person who travels from place to place usually on foot...like there in that picture... And that Tramp - is Sarah (yess...Palin) who is presently traveling or "on tour" across the US. Why? ...nobody knows!

And it so happened that Donald, yes that one - Trump - treated the Tramp and her family to a pizza dinner. Pizza? Really? Trump? I thought the meaning of the word "trump" is "outdo" or "better/best" But pizza dinner? Not lobster and steak? ...kiddin' me, Trump?

Two things are possible - either Trump cannot afford lobster and steak ...Ahem! ...or it could be a reflection of how he thinks of Palin - not as a person necessarily - but as a candidate for the Presidential elections next year.

But if Trump did it because of some selfish motive, then I think he is slowly but seriously thinking of getting into Heaven .... Since it's hard for a rich man to get into heaven, Trump is now acting like a poor dude hanging out at the pizzaria with Sarah ...the Biblical connection of the name I'm sure was also not lost to Donald. Give to the poor Donald, not to the not-so-poor!
Palin was quite impressed with Trump's gesture that she decided to sport a Trump hairdo afterwards.

And what's with this pizza trend? Last week Romney, while making a campaign appearance in Chicago, sent some leftover pizza to Obama's campaign offices not too far away. Leftover pizza? Well, what can you say about a man whose name has "m-o-n-e-y" in it? LOL! Is pizza becoming the food of the rich? Then keep telling kids to order pizza! They will grow up rich! ...hehehe

Sounds like the battle has just begun culminating in the 2012 general elections. Romney looks more and more like the one to win the GOP nomination and will go against Obama.  If Romney wins then we say "Pizza!"

And that special K
K as in Kim Kardashian ..she is finally going to tie the knot! And the lucKy guy is an NBA player who started with the Jazz ...yeaaaahhh Utah!  And the ring is rumored to have priced at $2 million ..Ouch! ...and ouch again! ...must be from Kay's Jewelers...haha  O'reilly ...Bill, that is, of the O'reilly Factor quipped about the huge price that one million is enough ... and donate the other million to the poor ...Hahaha.... yes Kim and your guy, act like Trump and hang out at Walmart's jewelry section...LOL! 
So what was it that attracted Kim to the guy, you ask? It has to do with family tradition! Yeppy, it has to do with the big K - not Kellogg's - but the Kardashians - Khloe, Kim, Kourtney ... so Kris - yes with a "K" not a "Ch" ...see? .. will fit right in ...Reggie would have fit in if his name was Keggie and Lamar is going to change his name to Kamar! LOL! ...oKay? ....KKKKKKKKK!

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