Manuween continued on Yahoo

Yahoo News headline last week: (Click title below to read)

"Disgraced rugby manager fined 100 pigs"

A ha!  I knew there was a connection between some recent posts (McRib and Manu Samoa ones) when I wrote them. LOL!  (Please Note: The one fined is not Coach Tafua, but Team Manager Tuala Matthew Vaea - pictured.)

In the past, a typical standard fine in a Samoan village was a hundred taros (tubers) and one pig (maka selau ma le aumakua). So today it’s reversed, aye? - a hundred pigs and what? ... one taro? Speaking of pigs, that’s a lot of ‘ofu (tripe) hence lots of McRibs (re: recent McRib post). And since there is now a McDonald’s in Samoa, the village better donate/sell all the tripes and innards (from the 100 pigs) to the restaurant. LOL!

The manager’s village has ruled on the mess involving staff and management of Manu Samoa who have been accused of improprieties during the team’s World Cup stint.

Apparently, the fine is not because the team lost but because of the manager’s irresponsible behavior.  It would have been an unfair fine if it was for the former.  This again goes to prove the Samoans' intransigence with respect to punishment for someone who brings disgrace to the family or village.  Sometimes it becomes an overkill (pun intended), as in this case, as far as I'm concerned.

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