A Poem

Who Am I, Really?

what am I?
a mere creature
conjured in cellular life form,
lilliputian accidental
and ephemeral?

or a beast
incubated and shrouded in a shard
shot from a blast of eons past,
and raised a salientian
swimming in saltine puddle?

and perchance
grew hands and feet
to crawl on land and hunt
- then hunted?

and die a desultory death
driving up daisies from deep earth?

out of nothing
signifying nothing; all is meaningless -
solitary superfluous and stupid.

So who am I, really?

A spirit child born of Deity,
with divine heritage (Hallelujah!)
raised and loved in yonder home
like brothers Job and Jeremiah

Then sent down to earth
endowed with hands and feet
with real purpose of experiencing
life, growth and joy so sweet.

All part of a marvelous plan
with a meaningful due
of returning home a valiant heir -
tested tried and true.

~ by LV  Letalu, 2011

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