McRib ...or McR.I.P?

The McRib (sandwich) is making its comeback at one favorite fast food restaurant - McDonald’s, that is. During the previous McRib blitz I was one of those who almost fell for the ambrosial appeal of the “rib” dressed in scrumptious barbecue sauce.

Then suddenly it vanished. The golden arches stopped carrying/selling the McRib, until not too long ago.

So why am I dedicating this blog entry to the McRib, besides the fact that I almost liked it? Well because now someone has dissected the McRib and exposed its contents and ingredients. So?   So if it wasn’t for an interesting Samoan connection, I would not have done this “kiss and tell”

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase and get to the meat - literally and metaphorically - of the McRib sandwich. According to the news article the McRib meat is made of “pig innards and plenty of salt. [It’s] "restructured meat product" [which] includes pig bits like tripe, heart, and scalded stomach.”

Oh snap! In other words, the same stuff you find in the “ofu” - ia poo le dress (LOL) - of the pig, is in the McRib. The ‘ofu (tripe) is a Samoan delicacy, a favorite of both men and women. Ae maise a pe a falai i le agiagi aye? Also, now you know that there’s no rib in the McRib.  LOL!

And like many offerings on Fast Food menus, the McRib, according to the article, “is certainly not good for you,”  Put simply, the McRib can become a McR.I.P ( not “ripped”).  Ioe e vave ai ga malolo i le kuugamau kakou... hehe.   McRib is actually mashed ‘ofu; though I’m convinced that the ‘ofu is still better than the McRib.

But despite this new information, there will still be those who will continue to enjoy the McRib via the “sausage phenomenon” - they like to eat sausages, though they don’t want to know how they’re made.  And these are the ones who still say “I’m Loving It.”

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