Debate or "De Bait"?

... maybe not for long
 I should really look forward to this debate tonight between Obama and Romney, but for some reason I am not. Why? Because I know Obama will win, no matter how well Romney does. How do I know that? Because the MSM (Mainstream Media) - or what I call the MaliciouS Media - will spin the debate in Obama’s favor. So "de bait" is already dangled before Romney by the MaliciouSMedia. And if Romney messes up or sounds/looks weak, then you will read the morning headlines - by the likes of Huffington Post, MSNBC, Politico, Daily Beast, Daily Kos, Mother Jones, etc.- that the election is over. These MSM outlets will hire you on the spot if you answer "Yes!" to their only question of their interviews "Do you hate Romney?" And then you will join the ranks of  Martin Bashir, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Michael Tomasky, Paul Begala, Hillary Rosen and all the Romney haters.

Meanwhile I’ll just watch and wait to write my own post debate analysis, if not live updates ...

Well, quite the contrary it now seems and I am starting to feel sorry for the President. The big difference in knowledge between him and Romney is startling. Rightfully! Romney has MBA and Law degrees - plus extensive executive experience. Obama has only a Law degree and a total lack of executive experience - only as a community organizer and first term senator - that's it! Compare that to Romney being a former Governor, CEO (Bain Corporation) and President/CEO (Olympics), Church leader, etc.

Romney was right a couple of weeks ago that Obama is going to lie during the debates - and he (Obama) has lied flagrantly so far - e.g. Tax deduction for a company moving overseas.  Romney told him there's no such thing.

VERDICT IS IN: Romney IS clearly THE WINNER. So far that's my take and CNN's as well - a more neutral news channel. Obama seemed flustered, listless and lost!  He actually was groping for answers.

Surprisingly MSNBC seems to hands the win to Romney too! (Hence I stand corrected!..LOL! )
"Mitt Romney [as the winner] was the general consensus of the media, including the usually pro-Obama MSNBC. (MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz slammed Obama's performance.)" ~ Politico
Some final thoughts:
Well I guess when you’re hot you’re hot - Romney
And when you’re not you’re not - Obama

And Obama must have really sucked because even his own MSM gang agrees! I have watched Obama in some of his campaign speeches, especially when he’s rebutting a claim by Romney. He responds like a member of a college freshman debate team - he’s sarcastic, facetious and elementary in his logic. And he’s the President? C’mon.   Romney was definitely more confident, composed and smarter; Obama was livid and lethargic.

Watch Obama come back more aggressive and fiercer in the next debate but he has to be careful not to appear feisty and arrogant. And don’t forget that Romney has seen all that during the primaries.

Finally, Romney should insert the following somewhere in the remaining debates: "Look, I understand that the President is a good man, and a very popular and likeable person, but popularity and likeability do not create jobs and do not improve the economy; experience and leadersip do, and I have both - and more!"

UPDATE (10/15/2012) - day before the second debate:
A news headline reads:  "Obama camp predicts feistier showing in debate No. 2."

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