Obama uses profanity on Romney

Obama stoops low to influence children
Yes, you read that right! Obama, in his interview with Rolling Stone calls Romney a "bullshitter". Perhaps even worse is the fact that he said it in the context of how children could easily tell that Romney was just that.

It’s certain that Obama is getting desperate, though I must say that name calling has been the aim and focus of his campaign from the beginning. He has been attacking Romney with vitriol, ad hominem, diatribe and now profanity. Early on while the GOP was still in the primaries picking their nominee, there was a leak from Obama’s people that the main focus of the president’s campaign if Romney were to win the GOP nomination was to "kill Romney". Obama’s campaign tried to double down and deny it but now we know that the leopard just cannot change its spots. Obama and his campaign have been calling Romney names such as traitor, murderer, liar, etc. in the last several months.

And now the President of the United States has called his Republican opponent a "bullshitter". Now it may be fine if that's Obama’s own vernacular and may/can be used privately, but to use it publicly, while speaking officially as the President of the United States, let alone in the Oval Office, to describe and malign someone who is a candidate for the same office, only shows how low, deplorable, disrespectful and rude Obama is. I must say that such language, resentment and venom are below the integrity of the office of the President of the United States, and I’m sure the good people of America - and others as well - agree, despite their political leanings. It's just sad. Very, very sad.

If Obama ends up losing, it’s because of the fact that he has been launching personal attacks on Romney instead of lauding and advancing his own accomplishments and record of the last four years. Oooops, wait a minute, he does not have a record to laud and advance - he failed as a president. Ok, now we know why he’s playing the man and not the polo! (ball).

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