My son

My Son
My only son,
my friend and typical teenager.
he loves video games,
consoles controllers and conventions.
he loves to sketch and draw
even on the walls of his room where
superheroes and movie characters live.
he loves to play basketball
so he has many pairs of shoes.
he loves to sing
so he sings in his room and when
he walks around the house.
best of all,
he loves to film and loves
to capture images.

briefly, he went prodigal
trying to find himself
but returned home
where he found it.

now he’s left home again
with only two pairs of shoes
this time losing himself
in finding others so they can live forever.
he sings the Lord’s praises and
tries to capture His image
in his countenance
because he loves his friend.
he loves Heavenly Father more
than anything and loves
most of all,
His only Begotten Son


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