What's the Deal?

Decision 2012

 In the news today:
MANCHESTER, N.H. – President Obama, returning to New Hampshire for the first time in well over a month, Thursday mocked Mitt Romney’s tax and spending proposals as a bogus plan with numbers that don’t add up.

“Listen, New Hampshire, you’ve heard of the New Deal, you’ve heard of the Square Deal, the Fair Deal – Mitt Romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal,” Obama said.
One supporter in a crowd of a few thousand, perhaps thinking he had a better phrase, yelled out: “It’s a raw deal!” ~ Politico
To which I say:
President, I have also heard of the Bad Deal and the Failed Deal;  lemme tell ya, a sketchy deal would be much better than the BAD and FAILED DEAL of the past four years! ...or worse, the NO DEAL of the next four years (if you win) ... So, Deal?... Mr. President?

(Dang it, I need to be Romney’s speech writer ... LOL! ... C’mon GOP put this in one of your ads! :) ... or let Romney say it on the campaign trail......)

Speaking of deals, it's all going to come down to TWO DEALS (below) and Americans are going to make the choice between The American Dream vs. The American Cream (self explanatory, aye?) Oh, by the way only one of the two is the Real American Deal and Ideal - the other one is NOT!

                                     DEAL?                       OR                    NO DEAL?

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