Come on Pisces light my fire

...a lighthearted post. A break from the more serious writing as of late.

It's a new year - 2011...
Whaaaaat? ... Already? ...
Where did 2010 go?
Yea, but where?
To the afterlife.

Oh my. I still have not started on my last year's resolutions. Come to think of it, they're not resolutions anymore - they're revolutions. Because they are not resolved - they just revolve, year in and year out. Yep, they just keep going round and round and.... roooound. Or better still, they may not have even revolved, but evolved - into new ones, new goals and new resolutions.

Well, I have actually thought about my resolutions for 2011. I started by saying: This is the year. It's the year. 2011 is my year. Well, duh, and so is everyone else's. Every soul on the planet and possibly in the universe  is saying the same thing.

No, no, this is the year - do you hear? No fret. No fear.
Why this year? Because it's a dear year. Funny. Funny.

Well it's a start of a new freshly-minted decade. That means if not this year, I still have nine more years to do what I'm planning to do with this fresh start. In fact the year 2020 should be a good clear year - if you catch what I mean - to everyone's sight - foresight, that is. Cool. Cool.

Anyhow, you see, once in a violet moon, I read horoscopes. But I don't believe in them. The word itself sounds like "horror scopes" which sounds like something a doctor would use to probe your long and winding anatomical convolutions and yes ... revolutions too. Now let me rephrase my position on horoscopes. I actually like them but I still don't believe in them. I like them only if they give me serious motivation. Meaning, only if they light and keep the proverbial fire in the belly burning ....Hot!

Recently, by chance, I found two very positive and very favorable horoscopes. No, I did not go hunting for them; they just happened to cross paths with my keen and inquisitive Poly brown eyes. Horoscopes are nowhere close to my devotion - uhmmm ok, addiction - to the Sports page. (Btw, if they want men to read horoscopes, please insert them in a sports article or picture, or pin them on a picture of some nice, kind and church-going person like Ms. Crawford, Hayek, Zeta-Jones or JLo - no, not a Kardashian.)

Anyway here are the two Pisces horoscopes that have jump-started my new year - first one specifically for 2011.

Pisces, the stars of fortune are ready to bless you with some things you've been waiting for in 2011! Jupiter, planet of success, and Uranus, planet of luck, will be conjunct in your sign as you kick off the New Year, so you'll enjoy a positive start. You'll be especially fortunate in love, the arts, or service to others - anything ruled by your dreamy sign. The only downside is that things might not be handed to you - you need to work hard for what you want. But you can do it!

Wow! This speaks directly to me and my goals in 2011. Is there a downside? Yea, the things might not be handed to me, I have to work hard for them. Dang it! ...LOL! ..Actually, FAIR Enough! ...and that's the key word - "fair", not as in complexion or carnival, but as in "just" and "equitable". Someone said that life is the most fair employer - it gives you back what you sowed or invested . So I like "fair"! The second horoscope says the same thing about being fair.

Use your creative ideas to turn a profit. What you have to offer, along with a tempting presentation, has potential to position you for success. There is a lot to gain by handling fairly what needs doing.

Ok, ok, I get it. Work hard and be fair and I will gain a lot! ...But the best motivation of all, is the assurance that I CAN DO IT ! ...so I therefore say, "Come on Pisces ...light... my... fire!"  2011 is THE year!

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