A Spy Center near my home?

This ginormous complex is under construction about a stone’s throw from my home. There are huge loaders and all kinds of heavy machinery and bright lights at night at the site. It’s going to take two years to build.

It’s a Data Center called the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) - or simply “Spy Center”. It is dubbed as the “largest military construction project in recent memory” and the “world’s most powerful cyber spy center” - again, near my home. It costs $1.5 billion. It will be filled with computers and all other modern technological equipment and innovation. It sounds like one of those centers - at least in concept - in a James Bond movie, only bigger, more sophisticated and real.

According to one article, “The government says what will happen inside is classified. However, one of the speakers at [the] groundbreaking said, 'It will find, fix, and kill the enemy.'" In addition it says that among other reasons, “the center is coming to Utah because of its highly educated workforce produced by the area's universities.” The jobs will be high-tech hence high-paying. That’s great and awesome especially in this lackluster economy.

But what happens if a rogue country sends some missiles over? I’m sure some of those first ones will have my approximate GPS coordinates written all over them. Well, hopefully, that even before any such missiles or cyber attacks find their target, the Spy Center will have already known, “found, fixed and killed” them.  The Spy Center appears to represent the core of America’s cyber warfare arsenal.

So either my home is really vulnerable or quite safe - hopefully the latter.

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