Ooooh Goooraight!

Just as I finished writing a post with my 2011 outlook based mainly on horoscopes, they - the horoscopers or horoscopedians - come out with a refutation of the present signs - that they’re wrong because the Earth has been wobbling. Good heavens! Are you kidding me? See, this is why I said I don’t believe in these Zodiac maniacs. This is like saying that if you ride long enough on a wobbly bus that’s traveling on an unpaved road with lots of potholes and bumps, in the end your tibias and fibulas will switch places and the femurs will fall off from their pelvic sockets. Weird.

Well, with new changes I am now an Aquarius ...but what difference does it make if I do not believe in them? So I’m safe and just for the sake of wanting to hobnob with the “stars”, I will remain a Piscean. Once a Piscean always a Piscean. I like Pisces because I like fish. Very much.

Thankfully, my Piscean middle name is Patiente (it’s Martian for “patience” ..haha) so I’ll wait for Mother Earth to wobble my Pisces back into its rightful place (Feb 20-March 20) then I’ll renew my subscription to their Zodiac magazine and philosophy. Otherwise for the time being, the old Piscean horoscopes will remain in effect in my little corner of the planet, solar system, galaxy or wherever I currently exist as a mortal. I need to remind these mere earthlings that the universe, worlds and celestial bodies have been perfectly organized and much more orderly than they’ll ever know.

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