On Chain Messages

Warning:  Read this for whatever it's worth ... or ... its worth.  Hahahaaa.... (If you don't get it, then read the last post.)

Anyway, I'm going to go out on a limb here, swimming against the current, going against the grain, spitting into the wind (you catch my drift) ...OR MAYBE NOT!
Let me admit something about Facebook. I like and dislike FB. It has its place and niche - albeit noncritical and nondecisive - in our lives. Like most things in life, FB is both good and uhmmm...bad! I guess a lot - not all - of that depends on the user. Common sense still rules a lot of things on Facebook and elsewhere for that matter. I've written somewhere that Facebook is, and can be, an experience in extremes. Hence the wise perceptive and careful user operates within such extremes - using reason, moderation and, again, common sense.
Now, I know some women will hiss me for this, while others (women) will "kiss" me for it. This particular gripe of mine with FB has to do with the following chain post targeting women.

"I consider you one of the LOVELIEST women on Facebook. Once you've been selected you must choose 15 of the most BEAUTIFUL women on your friends list. If you are awarded this distinction more than once, then you will know that you are EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful! Cut and paste this on the wall of 15 Beautiful women..!"

I guess my gripe is more with women creating and circulating it than Facebook facilitating it. I know the main objective of the message is a "feel good" one. Some may go a notch higher and say it boosts their self esteem and self worth. Really? The question then becomes this: Are you really one of those women whose self worth or self esteem is boosted and supercharged by a chain post with "cut and paste" conditions? Oh such guile, such duplicity.

First of all, it's cliquish, if not prejudiced! "Cut and paste this on the wall of 15 Beautiful women...!?" "Ugly" women, be forewarned, you don't count. And don't give me the "all women are beautiful" dupery, otherwise "15 Beautiful women" will not have been specified.  (Why not just 15 women?)  Most women have more than 15 lady friends. So what about the other 20 or 100? Hopefully they will get their turn somehow with all the interconnections, aye?

Second, the conditionality issue. Read this particular statement:

"If you are awarded this distinction more than once, then you will know that you are EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful!"

See the "If ...then" stipulation?  Shouldn't "beautiful" and "exceptionally beautiful" approval be given and awarded unconditionally - or at least using some practical and palpable measures, instead of using the "cut-paste-chain" method? And I'm talking about the inner beauty especially.

And hypothetically speaking, suppose a Cindy out there received the message NOT more than once, then what? Then she is NOT EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful. Kalofa e, ia Cindy. (Pity Cindy.) E ke'i gei ua pule i le ola si fafige. (Poor woman, she may end up committing suicide.)

Sadly, some women have fallen for the foxiness (pun intended) of the message that they feel obligated to cut and paste - OR ELSE. You know the notion of how a kiss loses its value and worth if given freely and to anyone? Likewise, a painting devalues if it's duplicated and copied many times? That's how it is with these chain messages, they lose their value, meaning and worth (not that there was much to begin with) the more they are copied, pasted and distributed. They become meaningless, trivial, empty and hollow.

Call me cynical and antisocial (hence anti-FB) and I'll call you whimsical. So are we even? Well, how about those women, and ALL MEN, who agree with me? ...LOL! 
Final advice: Please stop falling prey to the insane, profane and the mundane.

HOWEVER, you can copy and paste this post and send it to 15 favorite blogs and you will be considered bold and exceptionally daring.  FOCROTFL!

Have a good weekend ...

PS: My own definition of chain correspondence (letters, posts, e-mails) are those that "chain" (i.e. bound and shackle) - not link.

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