The Game

...fans bracing the cold

And Y not? ...it's the most stone-cold sober college ...LOL!

Tomorrow night (Wednesday 26th) is the game - no not the Super Bowl. But it’s the biggest men’s basketball game at the Marriott Center - 22,000 plus capacity - on the BYU Campus. BYU will play San Diego State University. SDSU is ranked 4th and BYU 9th in the nation. It’s touted as “the undefeated” (SDSU 20-0) against “the unstoppable” (BYU’s Jimmer Fredette). And that makes for an interesting game. Jimmer is a leading candidate for “National Player of the Year” Award.

These are perhaps the most stone cold fans on  definitely the most stone-cold sober campus in America (12 years in a row) waiting for a chance to get a ticket to the game - seemingly not bothered by the sudden snowstorm.

I am a big fan of BYU sports but I will settle for a comfortable seat at home in front of the TV with my warm blanket and hot chocolate.


Gotta love these Cougars who will be cheered by many.  After all, BYU is America’s Most Popular University - two years in a row; Harvard is #2...click here.  Go figure!

...and GOOOO COOOOOUGARS! ... Let's hope Jimmer will not be stone cold ...LOL!

(photos by Deseret News)

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