American Idol Update

Last night on American Idol, I played - as usual - the role of a fourth judge from the comfort of my bed. And my top three, since my last update, have not changed.

1. Pia - She was - and still is - AWESOME. She is the one to beat. I tell you, AI would love to crown Pia the next American Idol today, and I don’t blame them. She has the voice. She has the looks. She has the personality, stage presence, everything. She is the complete package. My prediction is that Pia can certainly outdo Carrie Underwood. If America does not go with Pia, then something is certainly amiss.

2. Scotty : This kid is amazing. I learned last night that Scotty and I share an admiration for Elvis. But that will not influence my vote as still the number two finalist. He does not need to covet #1. He is already a #1 country singer. In fact, I think he is going to be better than Brooks, Travis, Chesney or McGraw. Scotty is the voice and face of Country Music in the next decades. Hands Down! He is young and he will have a long successful career. Even your grandchildren and great grandchildren will adore him.

3. Lauren : She did a lot better last night than last week. She has a country style and voice too. Still a #3 but she will be a star nonetheless, similar to the likes of Tricia Yearwood-Brooks, Gretchen Wilson, Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert and others.

Honorable Mentions :
Stephano - The most improved therefore the most likely surprise.
Casey - Great and talented. The problem is that he’s overqualified! Yes, there is such a thing as "overqualified" in music, at least in pop music and AI. Lol!
Paul - I like Paul’s unique and raspy voice - if only Rod Stewart had not already claimed it.
Jacob - He has a great voice and has his own niche which falls just outside of the pop boundary and Idol "genre".

The rest should be eliminated in the next few weeks.

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