Jake Heaps, who?

Jake Heaps and Donny Osmond

In case you’re wondering who Jake Heaps is in the PostScript of the previous post, well here he is several days ago with ...[drum roll] ...celebrity Donny Osmond during BYU Spring football practice. Speaking of celebrities, Jake Heaps, the current BYU quarterback, will most likely become the next BYU athlete - like Jimmer - who will be in the spotlight in the next few years.

And no, Donny is not a coach; he was just there to meet Jake...and gave him the following advice - as reported by the Deseret News:

"I told him to always be mindful you are representing not only yourself, but also BYU and the LDS Church, and that the adversary knows that, and he will be trying to work on you. [Yeah, like Rick Reilly.]

"I told him to stay humble and stay well grounded. You play in a filled stadium, it can go to your head. I've done that; I've performed in filled stadiums and know what it's like, I know that feeling. But when it's over, you have to be who you are because that — with all the stardom and praise — isn't your real life. You have to be you.

"Elvis Presley [yes, he’s da man...haha] taught me that. He'd be on stage performing, but when it was over and I met and talked to him, he was just a real nice man with things he had to deal with just like everybody else. He told me to be careful, to never forget who I was," Osmond said.

"I'd advise Jake to stay close to his family because, in the end, they are the only ones that really matter. And they'll be there for you. My family has always had my back all my life, and that really means something."
Good advice Donny!  Now let's go beat those other guys ... on ESPN!    Hahahaaa!!

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