My American Idol Update

Okay, having listened to the ladies sing on their night, I think I’ve changed my mind on who is going to win - Pia! Pia Toscano. My top three will still include Scotty - Pia, Scotty and Lauren (Alaina).  By the way, these are my own picks and we will see how close they are to America’s. And even if these three do not win, they will win somewhere sometime down the road, because the have already proven their natural talents and being at the front of the pack. They will definitely have contracts waiting for them. This is by far the best group (Top 10) that AI has had since its inception - I believe. There are excellent and great talented singers in the current 10 finalists, but most of their genres are “unconventional” if not of the Idol mainstream and prototype. Again, Pia, Scotty and Lauren - in that order for the 2011 American Idol. Good luck to all the contestants!

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