Jimmer Show Continues ...

Jimmer keeps jingling and jangling! ... in other words keeps making noise in College Hoops!  He scored 34 points against Conzaga over the weekend advancing his BYU Cougars to the Sweet 16. This week (Thursday), Jimmer the Rimmer will face Florida, a team BYU beat - in double overtime - in the first round of last year's post season Tournament.  Deja Vu  Bradaz!

And two weeks straight, Jimmer is on the cover of Sports Illustrated (SI).  He is also SI's Player of the Year as cited below:

Player of the Year: Jimmer Fredette, BYU
"He became a national phenomenon -- known as "The Jimmer" -- while leading the nation in scoring at 27.9 points per game. He dropped 47 on Utah, 43 on San Diego State, 42 on Colorado State, hit an innumerable amount of long-long-distance threes, and is the only logical choice for this award."


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